Garuda Di Dadaku 2 - Official Trailer

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Saksikan Film Garuda Di Dadaku 2 Coming Soon 15 Desember 2011

"No Drat No Alkohol lebih baik Makan Es Cendol Daripada Benjol"

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5 Desember 2011 22.39

garuda didadaku,,,

6 Desember 2011 05.06

@kehidupan, terima kasih sobat atas dukungannya

7 Desember 2011 22.35

Cbox-nya ga nongol Sob.... Support di sini ya...

9 Desember 2011 03.11

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12 Desember 2011 05.22

13 days left for christmas!!! I already have hungry ñam ñam

you cbox its dead xD error 502 its say so let my comment here xD

19 Desember 2011 05.21

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20 Desember 2011 00.52

@CIARA, mungkin sekarang bisa sobat kemarin lg error,@GLace TIng,ok , my friend,@El3kTr0,yes, probably more his error cbox, cbox now back both his,@Angga-Fian,ok , my friend

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